Fourth International Workers' Posadist League


The Fourth International Posadist is a Trotskyist international, founded by J. Posadas. It was established back in 1964, though due to major misconceptions, people categorize it as a Nuclear-Advocating UFO cult.

Posadas has never advocated nukes to achieve communism, but in actuality seen it as an inevitability at the time, due to the ramping up the Cold War. Another misconception is of the dolphins, Posadas has never mentioned that they are intelligent species. This misconception spawned from the Soviet experiments of Dolphins and Psychic abilities, in which has no connection to the 4th International in any way.

Because of modern day memetics, Posadism has been misconstrued to a new generation, leaving out many important details. We are here to spread awareness, education, accessibility to Posadas' texts. We are in no way connected or affiliated with the official party, or 4ème Internationale Posadiste website. We are independants who have branched off on our own terms, read Posadas' texts, and are willing to teach a new generation of Posadas' words free from misconception.

Viva Posadas!